International Services for Animal Health Products

With a head office in Bristol UK and affiliated offices of the knoell group in Germany, USA, China and Thailand, Cyton can offer a truly global service for animal health product development and registration.


European Regulatory Support for Non-EU Companies

Cyton is based in Bristol, UK and has a new office in Mannheim, Germany. As detailed on our Contact Page, you can get in touch with Cyton in the following languages: English, French, German, Polish, Spanish, Turkish.

For more than 20 years Cyton has been providing support to companies from all over the world, both within and outside Europe, to ensure that their animal health products successfully reach the EU market. Having joined the knoell group in 2010, Cyton is in a stronger position than ever before to support international companies seeking to enter the European market or to support global product development and registration projects.

Below, you will find details of the growing global animal health  team at Cyton and the knoell group, including details of our language capability, if English is not your first language. In addition, you will also find specific guidance documents relating to some of the geographical regions.

Find out more about Cyton's headquarters and an overview of the company here.


Cyton has clients from thoughout the USA, Canada and South America. Our language capability (including Spanish and French) and knoell offices in the USA (KUSA) fascilitate a smooth working relationship.

If you are an American company, familiar with the regulatory system of the USA, please refer to our PDF guide on bringing animal health products from the USA to the EU, which can be found here.


As part of the knoell group, Cyton can offer local language support and developing expertise in China and the ASEAN region.

Contact Dr. Knoell Consult Shanghai Co., Ltd.

Contact Dr. Knoell Consult Thai Co., Ltd.

Cyton's increasing collaboration with our Asian colleagues led to several successful training events:

  • Webinar: Animal Health in the ASEAN region. Access to the recording of this event available upon request.
  • Management Forum seminar, 2015: Veterinary Medicines Regulation in China.