Your Partner for Successful Collaboration

For an animal health company to remain competitive, but also continue to meet the ever growing regulatory requirements, successful intercompany collaboration is crucial. However, collaborating with your competitors is never a comfortable position and even the strongest confidentiality agreements may not be enough to put your mind at ease when collaboration requires you to share sensitive data.

Cyton acts as an independent intermediary in a variety of contexts, permitting companies to work together without the need for either company to divulge sensitive information to each other. As a member of the knoell group, Cyton has decades of experience in the management of data sharing consortia and the associated legal challenges such as data ownership and cost sharing.

Cyton can ensure the success of your collaborative projects.

Ecotoxicity Projects

Cyton’s expertise in product development and registration for veterinary medicines together with the vast scientific and technical expertise of knoell’s agrochemical team provides an unparalleled capability to support the animal health industry in developing a product’s ecotoxicology data package.

However, the costs associated with generating ecotox data are often hard to justify for well-established active substances and companies are increasingly working together to share these costs.

Cyton can work with collaborating companies to generate a complete ecotox package with all costs shared.

Find out more about Cyton’s ecotox expertise here.

Referral Response Groups

Cyton is pleased to be able to offer a comprehensive service for company collaboration in the context of community referral procedures, which provides numerous benefits for Marketing Authorisation Holders.

After managing all necessary contractual arrangements, we can review the collective data available from all parties and compile a comprehensive, consolidated response. As well as reducing the risk of a negative opinion via this approach, in addition we are able to advise on the strength of the data submitted what the likely outcome would be in advance of the CVMP opinion - which affords Marketing Authorisation Holders precious time to plan their next steps.

Of course, participating companies also benefit from sharing the cost of this service.

For more information about Cyton’s referral response support, please get in touch.