Feed & Feed Additives

Whether you are interested in chemically defined feed additives, micro-organisms or enzymes, with Cyton on your team you can be confident of clear understanding and proven interpretation of the Regulations and Directives, meaning your product will meet with marketing approval more quickly. Don’t hesitate to contact our experienced team for advice.

Our specialist services and expertise for animal feed and feed additives are based on the following product types: Feed Additives (technological additives, sensory additives, nutritional additives, zootechnical additives, Coccidiostats & Histomonostats), Premixtures, Feed materials. Compound feed, Medicated feed and PARNUTs.

Our services

  • Strategic advice (product classification and legal basis)
  • Labelling review and preparation that complies with EU requirements
  • Data audit and gap analysis
  • Dossier preparation (administrative and technical)
  • Submission of applications and management of procedures
  • Liaise with the European Commission, EFSA, EURL and National Competent Authorities
  • Financial planning (assistance in estimating and costs and tendering required studies)
  • Life cycle management of projects
  • Consortium management (for authorisation of additives, MRLs, etc.)
  • Design and organise animal studies to be included in EU dossiers
  • Review methods of analysis for additive, premixtures, animal feed and residues in tissues with reference to EURL requirements
  • Marketing strategies

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