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Simple Privacy Policy

Thank you for your visit to our website and for your interest in our company and products. We want you to feel secure and comfortable when visiting our website and we take the protection and confidential handling of your personal data very seriously.

The following simple Privacy Policy provides an overview of the collection and processing of your data in accordance with the applicable data protection regulations. Full and detailed information on data protection can be found in our extensive Privacy Policy.

1. What Data Do We Collect from You?

1.1 Technical Information

We collect your computer’s domain name or IP address, the client (browser) request to our web server and its response, and the website from which you are visiting us. In addition, we store the date and time of the request, information about the browser type and version used as well as your operating system and the internet service provider you use.

1.2 Cookies

We use cookies on our website, small text files that are temporarily stored on your computer and saved by your browser to enable you to log in or use our website more easily, for example.

1.3 Usage Profiles

We use tracking services and cookies, called third-party cookies, to process usage profiles under a pseudonym. This kind of usage profile contains information about a visitor's behaviour on websites. It is not possible to draw any direct conclusions about you from this information. You may object to the creation of the usage profile at any time. You can adjust your browser’s settings so that these cookies are not saved or are deleted at the end of your browsing session.

2. How and for what Purpose are Your Data Collected and Processed?

We automatically collect data when you visit our website. Otherwise, we collect the data only on the basis of the information you enter on our website (for example in the contact form) or through the use of cookies.

We need this data in order to operate and administer the website, to detect abuse and to rectify any faults. We also need it to improve our offer on the website and to create pseudonymous user profiles, which we use for advertising and market research purposes – unless you object to this.

In some cases, we also use other service providers that support us as a processor to the extent legally permissible.

3. What are your Data Protection Rights?

You have the right to access your personal data, as well as the right to correct it, erase it or restrict its processing, as well as the right to data portability and the right to lodge complaints with a supervisory authority.

To do so, you may contact our service centre or our data protection officer with your request:

Carsten Knoop, Data Protection Officer, appointed for Dr. Knoell Consult GmbH, Karl-Zuse-Ring 25, 6163 Mannheim, Germany, E-Mail:

4. More Information about other Data Processing

As a company, we not only process personal data on our website, but also through many other processes. In order to be able to give you, the data subject, as much detailed information as possible on these processing purposes, we have compiled information for the following processing activities here:

  • Privacy information on hanlding applicant data
  • Privacy information about our communication media
  • Privacy information on handling customer data

If you need further information that you are unable to find here, please request this in confidence from your contact partner or our data protection officer.