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With Dr. Knoell Consult and Cyton Biosciences we got you covered in the United Kingdom.

Dr. Knoell Consult Ltd.

Dr. Knoell Consult Ltd. provides services for the registration of industrial chemicals and agrochemicals. Working with both European and non-European clients, the small specialist team collaborate closely with knoell colleagues worldwide to produce dossiers in accordance with EU and REACh requirements.

Dr. Knoell Consult Ltd.
22 Cathedral Road
Cardiff CF11 9LJ
United Kingdom


Cyton Biosciences Ltd.

Cyton Biosciences Ltd. specialises in the registration of veterinary pharmaceuticals and animal feeds. Cyton Biosciences Ltd. also cooperates with the parent company in performing all necessary environmental risk assessments and with support for the registration of biocides in the veterinary field.

Cyton Biosciences Ltd.
68 Macrae Road
Eden Office Park
Ham Green
Bristol BS20 0DD
United Kingdom



Dr. Iain A. MacKinnon Managing Director
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Helen Edwards Managing Director
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Dr. Karolina Bate Managing Director
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