New look for UK veterinary medicines guidance

5 June, 2015

As part of the move to the new website, the VMD has made the former VMGNs available in a new format (Link). Subjects currently addressed in the new guidance pages are:

  • Legal controls on veterinary medicines
  • Marketing authorisations for veterinary medicines
  • Retail of veterinary medicines
  • Advertise veterinary medicines legally
  • Animal test certificates (VMGN 6)
  • Veterinary Pharmacovigilance: your responsibilities
  • Exemption from authorisation for medicines for small pet animals
  • The Cascade: Prescribing unauthorised medicines
  • Record keeping requirements for veterinary medicines
  • Manufacturing Authorisations for veterinary medicines
  • Horse medicines and record keeping requirements
  • Medicated animal feedingstuffs and specified feed additives (VMGN 17)
  • Report illegal animal medicines
  • Report a supply problem with a veterinary medicine
  • Controlled drugs: Veterinary medicines
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