June – July updates from HMA and CMDv

3 July, 2017


  • CMDv Report for Release February-March 2017 (Link);
  • Minutes of the February CMDv-Interested Parties meeting (Link)

CMDv Q&A updates (Link to main veterinary Q&A page)

  • Global Marketing Authorisation – Protection period (Link);
  • List for the Submission of Variations According to Commission Regulation (EC) 1234/2008 (Link);
  • QP Declarations (Link – CMDh site);
  • Q&A for nationally authorised VMPs post-Brexit (Link).

Updated CMDv guidance

  • GUI-025 ‘Payment terms and addresses for national fees’ (Link);
  • GUI-026 ‘Addresses for delivery and other contact points’ (Link to Excel spreadsheet);
  • GUI-007 ‘List of CMDv Members and their Qualifications’ (Link);
  • BPG-021 ‘Changing the Reference Member State’ (Link);
  • BPG-007 ‘Handling Renewals in the Mutual Recognition and Decentralised Procedure’ (Link);
  • GUI-002 ‘Administration of the Sunset Clause’ (Link);
  • GUI-027 ‘Packaging ‘Blue Box’ requirements for products authorised via national, mutual recognition, decentralised or centralised procedures’ (Link).
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