Updates from CMDv in August and September

19 September, 2017

During August and September, the CMDv website has been re-organised and updated, with the following amendments and additions:

  • New page consolidating guidance on ASMF (Link)
  • Updated QRD template version 8.1 published together with annotated template, track changes version, non-English language versions and implementation plan (Link). Also included is information regarding the pilot scheme for use of the combined label-leaflet template.
  • The publications webpage of the CMDv has also been updated with older documents including (Link):
    • 2013 communication regarding Japan monitoring, relating to the Fukushima nuclear power plant
    • 2009 – 2012 communications regarding the update of the veterinary legislation
    • 2007 and 2011 communications regarding availability of medicines
  • Reducing administrative burden - communication relating to variations to change the name of a VMP or the name / address of the MAH (Link)
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Regulatory Outsourcing Options

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 - Dossier preparation, submission & regulatory procedures
 - Regulatory intelligence and strategic planning
 - Life cycle management
 - Key person cover
 - Pharmacovigilance
 - Brexit support services