Expanding our Animal Health Business

knoell Animal Health LLC
8 October, 2020

Cyton Triveritas and knoell are delighted to announce the addition of the newest member of the knoell family of companies, specializing in Animal Health services - knoell Animal Health, LLC.

The US company will provide Regulatory and Clinical Trials expertise and services to support companies wishing to develop and register vaccines, novel products, and pharmaceuticals for veterinary use in the US.

The knoell group has offered Animal Health services in the US for many years. Now with Triveritas, which was acquired by the knoell group earlier this year and is well known for their very experienced team working in the US, Europe and globally, the founding of a US company is an important step in growing the business in the US and globally.

According to Felix Knoell, Director Strategy & Innovation for the knoell group, establishing a new Animal Health company was a natural progression to consolidate the group’s presence in the US, and to rationalize the corporate identity. The new entity clearly links the knoell name and our Animal Health consultancy services firmly together. It has always been part of the knoell ethos to have local connections ‘on the ground’ to liaise with clients and regulators - and companies of all types and all sizes will be able to benefit from this new strong local base in the US.

Dr. Karolina Bate, Managing Director of Cyton Biosciences and Triveritas, commented:
“2020 has been a tremendously exciting year for Cyton Triveritas and for knoell. At the start of the year knoell acquired Triveritas, and the months since have seen our teams grow together and become stronger, as we are able not only to share our technical and regulatory knowledge, but also to inspire and learn from each other in our professionalism and creative approaches to developing the business.
We have over 650 years of combined expertise with expert staff based in the US and Europe, plus a global network of knoell offices meaning that we can help with large or small projects globally.
Founding the new knoell Animal Health company in the US we see as a strategic investment in the Animal Health sector for the knoell group, and more broadly a recognition of the industry’s importance, identifying it as a growth sector.
We welcome this development for the company group, and for our clients. We’ve worked on joint development and registrations in the US and Europe on several occasions, and it therefore makes sense to be streamlining business practices at a high level to facilitate work across both regions as much as possible.”

For further information on our services, please get in touch with Julian Braidwood.

Dr Julian Braidwood Global Development Director Animal Health
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