EGGVP, FVE and EPRUMA release statements on the European Parliament’s Plenary vote

11 March, 2016

EGGVP’s statement highlights areas of particular interest to the generic veterinary medicines industry. You can access the statement via their website (Link to PDF document).

FVE welcomes the European Parliament's emphasis on fighting antimicrobial resistance in animals and people in the recent discussions on the new veterinary legislation, and their recognition that "prevention is better than cure".  Veterinarians play a crucial role in the examination of animals, making diagnoses and prescribing medicines. The press release is available via the FVE website (Link).

Good animal husbandry goes hand-in-hand with responsible use of veterinary medicines, say EPRUMA, who welcome the content of the recent European Parliamentary discussions on the new veterinary medicines regulations, which emphasised a holistic approach to animal health. The statement can be viewed online (Link).

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