ECHA Updated Biocides IT Tools

23 May, 2018

On 7-8 May 2018 the R4BP Key users’ testing exercise took place at ECHA in Helsinki. The hosted event aimed mainly the testing of the new features of the R4BP Version 3.11 and SPC Editor Version 2.2.

Madalena Koch, Regulatory Expert for Biocides at knoell, attended the event as Key user. With the new Versions of R4BP and the SPC Editor, released on the 23rd of May, some new features were implemented that improve the tools making them more user-friendly for competent authorities as well as for the industry. Some of the main changes include:

  • “Save as draft” – With the new R4BP version it is possible to prepare and save an application as draft. This allows the same user but also other users to check the draft application before submission.
  • „Breadcrumb in submission wizard” – The status (step X from Y steps) of the submission will be shown during the process, enabling a better overview.
  • R4BP warns the applicant when a submission of the same biocidal product is tempted more than once on the same market.
  • “Compare SPC files” – This feature in the SPC Editor allows the user to compare old and new SPC Files and identify the changes made.

knoell provided questions and feedback to ECHA in order to further improve the IT–tools, as well as suggestions on how manuals could be improved.

Madalena Koch
Dr. Knoell Consult GmbH


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