EC reiterates need to transfer batch testing activities by 1 January 2020

Veterinary medicines batch testing transfers before Brexit
21 August, 2019

With less than three months remaining until the current deadline for the UK to leave the EU, the European Commission has reiterated their message of 21 February 2019, regarding the conditions for marketing authorisation holders to continue batch testing activities in the United Kingdom for a limited period of time after the UK becomes a third country.

European Commission note of 24 July 2019 regarding batch testing of medicinal products

In the latest message from the EC, they emphasise the following: "It is essential that marketing authorisation holders use the remaining time to complete their preparations so that by 1 January 2020 all batch testing facilities are fully transferred to the EU27/EEA and the necessary regulatory submissions are completed."

The full message and links to previous communications from the EC can be found in the link below:

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