Back to Basics - Understanding Thailand and Malaysia's Chemical Regulations Webinar

15 July, 2015

Tuesday 1 September 2015,10:00 (view timezones)

A free 60 minute webinar with Montira Sriyai, our expert from Dr. Knoell Consult Thai Co Ltd looking at the key regulations and the broad scope of each one and what the key features are that companies need to be aware of.

Full webinar content

  • Hazardous Substance Act/GHS
  • Malaysia CLASS
  • Timeline with key dates
  • Anticipated changes or updates
  • Where do I start with my hazardous chemical/cosmetic ingredient?

List and inventories

  • Key lists and inventories
  • How can the be accessed?
  • Updates and additions

Other important issues

  • IT/online systems - availability of English versions and translations
  • Annual reporting and data
  • What types of data can be used (EU Reach data?)
  • Data sharing/CBI

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