Antimicrobial Resistance in France

4 November, 2014

The ANMV has, since 1999, kept records of the sale of veterinary antibiotics.  The 2013 report on veterinary antibiotic sales was published in October 2014, and shows for the first time since 1999 an overall decrease in the level of exposure of animals to antibiotics, continuing the downward trend observed since 2007.  Furthermore, the level of resistance to critical antibiotics has, according to data from the RESAPATH epidemiological surveillance network, decreased in most animal sectors.  A need for more detailed data on use of antibiotics by species and class of animals has been identified, as a focus for further work. 

The Veterinary Pharmacovigilance 2013 Annual Report, the 2013 sales of veterinary antimicrobials, and the RESPATH 2013 report on levels of AMR in France can be found here (French language only).