MUMS: Practical Strategies to make the Incentives Work

Save the date! Thursday 16th November 2017


Cyton is excited to announce our latest training course in veterinary regulatory affairs, in association with Anja Holm.

This course, an update on EU regulatory requirements for VMPs for Minor Use and Minor Species, will take place on Thursday 16th November 2017, at the Rembrandt Hotel, South Kensington, London UK. Hotel accommodation at a discounted rate will be available for delegates.




The course programme will include the following:

  • Overview of the most recent MUMS guidelines (coming into effect in 2017) for quality, safety and residues, and efficacy;
  • Which products are eligible, illustrated with examples;
  • Where financial incentives are applicable;
  • Under what circumstances the data requirements are reduced, and where in the dossier these reductions can apply;
  • Scientific Advice, the Innovation Task Force (ITF) and Ad-hoc expert group on Veterinary Novel Therapies (ADVENT);
  • Regulatory considerations and how to apply for MUMS status.

The course aims to provide the special guidance that can make a real difference for MUMS products being taken forward for development - and hasten regulatory approval to get them to market.

Testimonials for previous training events held by Cyton

On The Centralised Procedure for Veterinary Medicinal Products, February 2017: "A very comprehensive and interactive training course, which was facilitated greatly with a speaker who provided a valuable insight from the regulators perspective and had good expertise in this area."
Zahir Ahmed, Vita Europe Ltd.

On Referrals for Veterinary Medicinal Products, March 2017: "It was a very useful training to differentiate types of referrals and how to manage a referral from a MAH point of view. It was very interesting to have a very experienced speaker answering to all practical questions and to share experiences with others attendees. The dynamic interactive session enable to anticipate how an oral explanation works in reality."
Frédérique Ducolombier, Merial

For further information on this course and to book please contact us at

16 November 2017

Unparalleled Expertise for EU Centralised Procedures

Cyton has a strong collaborative working relationship with Dr. Anja Holm of CVPC, former chair of the CVMP.

As well as providing unique insights into our clients' projects, our collaboration with Dr. Holm also includes regulatory training courses. Follow the links below for more information.
- Central VetPharma website
- Training event: Innovative VMPs

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