Informa's 8th annual Veterinary Vaccines conference in Brussels

Why is Veterinary Vaccines a MUST ATTEND for 2013?


Explore innovations and future opportunities in veterinary vaccine development

Identify technology breakthroughs and global vaccine targets to address the unmet industry needs

Discover R&D strategies to respond to emerging strains and resistance to current vaccines

The Pirbright Institute reveal cutting edge vaccine developments and tools to control and response rapidly to the increasing number of variants of virus’s and resistance to current veterinary vaccines

Gain practical strategies on the development of next generation vaccines

Take home strategic industry advice on the development, formulation and  route of administration of novel vaccines to improve vaccine stability

Review technology innovations and advances in vaccine delivery systems

Uncover the development of cost effective technology platforms for mass vaccination

Evaluate the application of alternative expression systems for veterinary vaccines

To improve vaccine production

Understand and utilise immunological responses in vaccine design

Gain practical advice on designing vaccines to target immune responses and signalling pathways


4 December 2013 to 5 December 2013