Global Biocides Regulation Conference

A two-day Conference bringing together experts from the USA and Europe to discuss latest developments in the regulation of Biocides (Antimicrobials).

About this event

This Conference focuses on the regulation of biocides.
The first day covers new developments in the US, including:
  • New Data Requirements for Antimicrobials (implementation of 158W)
  • Efficacy Testing for Public Health Products
  • Testing – the Rise of Alternative Approaches
  • Food contact and antimicrobials
Day Two of the Conference looks at global developments in the regulation  of biocides.
Countries and legislation to be covered include:
  • Canada
  • Europe and the BPR
  • Asia
  • And a global overview from the OECD
The conference closes with a workshop covering the challenges of working in a global market and will include cross-comparisons between the European Union, the US and China.
25 September 2014 to 26 September 2014
Washington, USA
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