Animal Health Investment One

Animal Health Investment One virtual event

Cyton Triveritas will be joining the inaugural Animal Health Investment One virtual event, seeking business opportunities. We will be interested to hear from any of the following:

* Anyone wanting our experts in USA and Europe to help develop and gain authorisations for their animal health product locally or globally
* Innovators seeking to understand the regulatory framework for their products and preparing pitches for potential investors
* Investors who require technical expertise to assess the time to market and investment needed to get innovative products to market

Animal health product development and regulatory affairs

Cyton Triveritas provides animal health expertise within the knoell group of companies. If you would like to know more about Cyton Triveritas and how we can support the product development and registration process for animal health products, please contact Karolina Bate, Julian Braidwood or Mel Munro, who will attend the event.

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Triveritas joins Cyton as part of the knoell group


23 June 2020 to 25 June 2020
Virtual Event
Contact Person: 

Dr Karolina Bate
Managing Director
Cyton Biosciences Ltd | Triveritas Ltd
United Kingdom
Email Dr Bate

Dr Julian Braidwood
Global Development Director
Triveritas Ltd. 
United Kingdom
Email Dr Braidwood

Dr Mel Munro
Head of Global Regulatory Affairs
Triveritas Ltd. 
United Kingdom
Email Dr Munro