SCHC Spring 2016 Meeting

26 April, 2016

Beth Dederick and Michael Cleuvers attended the SCHC Spring 2016 Meeting in Fort Lauderdale, Florida from April 18-20, 2016. SCHC, the Society for Chemical Hazard Communication, has the mission of promoting the improvement of hazard communication of chemicals. Key topics on the meeting agenda  included updates on implementation of GHS in North America; lessons learned from industry in implementing OSHA HazCom; and global chemical updates, specifically in Southeast Asia and Europe. Michael Cleuvers presented on REACh 2018: How to prepare for registration following ECHA’s Roadmap. Beth and Michael presented four posters prepared by US and European colleagues. The posters covered how to create a combined OSHA HazCom and WHMIS 2015 SDS and label (lead author Jeremy Long), US EPA’s 2016 Chemical Data Reporting Rule (lead author Daniel Wiant), QSAR in regulatory praxis (lead author Andrezj Szymoszek), and regulatory developments for endocrine disruptor testing and assessment (lead author Martina Duft). All posters were very well received and Michael and Beth spoke with many participants who asked great questions about the poster topics. Jeremy Long’s poster received first place in the poster contest!

How to Author SDSs and Labels that are Compliant with both HazCom 2012 and WHMIS 2015 

Preparing for the 2016 Chemical Data Reporting Rule